How IT Audits Drive Value

How IT Audits Drive Value

IT Audits Drive Value

In today’s business environment, IT organizations are faced with the continuous challenge of providing consistent, reliable, secure and scalable services that will support the company business objectives efficiently and effectively. As if that is not enough, the IT leadership must also ensure that the IT organization is no longer just a commodity service provider, but is also a valuable partner to the business helping to create value for the company.

In recent years, the Internal Audit function has changed dramatically, evolving from a traditional auditing role with a charter of protecting the enterprise value, to that of an internal consultant and adding value. IT Auditors must now see that IT organization risks are no longer limited to ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability. IT Auditors must examine the risk of ineffective information technology.

Carrtegra services are unique in that we blend our IT Audit Services with consulting services to ensure we not only identify risks and gaps, but we can also provide our clients with alternative “best practices” approaches for addressing risks and gaps.

Experienced Professionals

Successfully addressing your IT Audit challenges requires experience and expertise to manage solutions within the perspective of your unique needs. Our organization offers you a wealth of experience from professionals who have worked across multiple levels of business and government in addressing IT Audit issues.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our clients benefit from a focused service line that identifies and addresses their specific needs while generating value by executing IT Audit Services including the following:

  • IT Risk Assessment
  • General Computing Controls
  • Application & Operating System Controls
  • Pre & Post Implementation Reviews
  • SOX Compliance Design & Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Strategy & Planning
  • Security Assessment & Consulting
  • Security Policy & Procedure Development
  • Security Architecture Design & Implementation
  • Business Continuity Planning

Our Approach

We leverage a risked-based approach and industry standards framework ensuring our clients are focusing on what is important and not locked into using proprietary tools and methods. We can work as a partner or peer effectively transferring knowledge to client internal resources.

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