Internal Business Controls

Because your business processes are designed to support your mission, these processes and related controls must function as intended. But first, you need an effective internal control system. This is where a risk assessment and development of Internal Business Controls Review Plan comes in.

The professionals at Carrtegra, LLC bring years of experience in designing and reviewing risk-based processes, evaluating controls, and making critical recommendations that can increase process efficiency and reduce risk.

We can also help with:

  • Fraud or other white-collar crime detection and prevention
  • Development of anti-corruption policy, bribery prevention policy, and more
  • Internal Business Controls Review Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing
  • Reporting to management and Audit Committee
  • Acting as, or reporting to the company’s Chief Audit Executive
  • Internal Business Controls Risk Assessment and development of Internal Controls Review Plan
  • Operational Reviews
  • And more

Through process testing and reporting, we provide assessments and improvement recommendations to executive management and the audit committee. We also provide an independent and objective review process that can be coordinated with the external auditors to reduce audit costs.