Despite being around for more than 10 years, many companies still struggle to fulfill their SOX compliance requirements. And to be honest, Carrtegra, LLC doesn’t blame them; meeting your obligations as a publicly traded company can be extensive. You need to establish internal controls and procedures for financial reporting to minimize the possibility of corporate fraud. What that means is your entire IT infrastructure, from server to network, must be configured for compliancy in the event of an audit.

What’s more, on May 14, 2013, COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) updated its Internal Control—Integrated Framework. The 2013 COSO framework introduces 17 codified principles with more detailed points of focus. Is your company compliant with SOX? Are you facing this complex transition? We offer a quick and cost-effective SOX compliance consulting solution through internal controls that collect and protect sensitive information needed to prove compliance. In fact, our professionals have helped our clients to meet SOX requirements since 2004.

SOX compliance from Carrtegra, LLC ensures:

  • Systematic and consistent approach to SOX compliance
  • Minimized deviations and redundancies
  • Reduced compliance costs by streamlining and automating control testing and remediation
  • Enables auditors to focus on testing and oversight
  • Access to comprehensive, real-time visibility into the status of SOX compliance
  • Simplify SOX compliance by integrating compliance and control activities into one system

We provide insight in guiding you from understanding the requirements to maximizing your ROI for compliance.