5 Keys to Successful External Audit Preparation

Capturing robust audit preparation benefits

At a recent Austin, Texas, Bridge Builders Alliance “ Business Leadership Series” event the theme included how Austin and surrounding Texas area business leaders can aspire and achieve in their business world greater things for a greater purpose.

BlackLine – Discipline with a View

As management consultants we are often asked to help with a wide variety of financial and operational problems. For example, we may be asked to resolve Intercompany imbalances or to reconcile accounts that have not been reconciled for months or years.

A Different Approach to Employee Trust

All industries and companies experience risk. Two such risks in a certain consumer goods related industry is employee theft and inaccurate inventory.

One company raised their employee morale and reduced inventory theft by simply trusting their employees more.

Assessing the Risk of Non-Compliance

Compliance is something we all have to deal with whether it be a Federal or State Law, a Regulation or even one of your own company policies.

All industries and companies experience risk. Even companies that are compliant with government regulations and corporate policies still experience risk.

What Does Compliance Mean?

What does "compliance" really mean? Learn how companies that are compliant with government regulations and corporate policies can still, somehow fall afoul of the law. Listen to what our Managing Partner has to say about it.

Want to find out whether you're doing the right thing?

6 Practical Tips for Avoiding an Auditing Nightmare

Accounting Estimates and Fair Value Measurements

Accounting estimates are clouded in uncertainty and assumption. Accounting estimates are derived from the initial and continuing measurement/re-measurement of a transaction or event reflected in the financial statements.

8 Radical Ways to Engage a Financial Statement Audit

Audits of financial statements provide significant value to owners, regulators, creditors and investors.  Financial statements are integral to the capital markets process.  Significant decisions are made every day in part, based on company financial statements and disclosures.

9 Cloud Computing Threats and Defenses

According to Forrester Research, in 2013 Cloud Computing was a $58 billion industry and is on track to grow into a $191 billion industry by 2020. A 2014 Grant Thornton report indicates that 40 % of global businesses currently do or plan to outsource business processes including their Tax, IT, and HR & Payroll services.

FCPA Compliance or Blissful Ignorance

I have a pet peeve. Over my 35 year career I’ve seen some brilliant decisions and I’ve seen some, well, not so brilliant ones. Human nature sometimes tempts us to do the bare minimum to get by. In other words, good enough is good enough.

So what’s my pet peeve? I have done a great deal of work in corporate compliance.