Improve Patient Satisfaction – How to Improve Patient Flow

How is patient flow and patient satisfaction measured? There will usually be indicators of patient dissatisfaction such as low scores on satisfaction surveys as we have already discussed in my blog. To improve the situation, we normally recommend starting with good process flow analytics. One good metric, of course, is the patient wait time. Identify the functions or processes that affects the patient wait time the most and ask yourself if there is some way to improve the situation? From the moment a patient first schedules an appointment throughout the time of the office visit and until the patient checks out, each step of the patient care operation affects the patient wait time and customer satisfaction.

Simply speaking, Patient Flow refers to the process and steps a patient moves through from check-in through check-out. It represents the ability of the healthcare system to quickly and efficiently treat a patient during the time the patient is in the clinic or hospital. When patient flow operates efficiently and smoothly patient wait time improves and patient satisfaction increases.

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