Do You Need to Improve Clinic Operations?

Recognizing the need for clinic operations improvement comes in many forms. There are common indicators and measurements we see every day in the practice setting that let us know when it is time to take action to improve patient wait time or to improve our customer satisfaction.

Here are 7 indicators and measurement.

If you see one or more of these happening in your clinic or hospital operation, you should know something is going wrong and you should consider taking actions to improve your systems.

These indicators and measurement suggest there is a problem and that some form of clinic operations improvement is needed NOW!

  1. The "no-show" rate increases
  2. The check-in/check-out areas have patients waiting in line
  3. Physicians perform clinic staff's duties
  4. Patient complaints increase
  5. No policies or procedures exist
  6. No on-going training programs exist
  7. Lack of third party assessments

In our consulting brief, “Actions to Improve Clinic Operations”, which you can download by clicking the button below, we provide clinic management with additional actions you can take to improve your healthcare operations.

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