Do You Need Clinic Operations Improvement?

In my last blog “How to Improve Patient Flow” we gave you 12 ways to improve patient flow. In this article, we want to discuss how clinic management can recognize problems or know when clinic operations improvement is needed?
What observations, indicators or measurements can help clinic management recognize when an opportunity for improvement is waiting to be discovered?

Improving Patient Satisfaction – How to Improve Patient Flow

This morning I received a satisfaction survey by email from the medical clinic I visited last week. The doctor’s office visit was like any other with the usual long wait times, reading through old issues of various nursing magazines (I found the articles on nursing assertiveness and hospital rounding procedures interesting), while I waited for the medical assistant to call my name on the hospital paging system.

Friend, You Need Processes and Internal Controls

During one of Houston’s typical winter days, when Sam Carr, who has over 30 years of experience over internal controls and process improvement, was sitting in his office and enjoying the warm winter sunshine shining into his office after a long meeting, he received a call from an old friend.